Thursday, May 23, 2013

Let's Talk New Crochet Project

About six weeks ago I spotted some cotton yarn over at the Wool Warehouse; Drops Paris.  I had seen this yarn and purchased it before Lucy spoke about it on her blog.  I picked 6 colours with the intention of making a blanket for The Girl for her bedroom.  The Girl has already decided on this colour scheme of her new bedroom when we finally sell our house in the Midlands and move somewhere permanent here in Wales.

Really do love this palette and it is so much more grown up then previous bedroom styles which is what you need when your age is double figures.  

I think for the first time ever I have sat down and planned this blanket myself; chose the yarn, colours and pattern.  No following anyone else's example.  However, if it wasn't for a number of inspirational crocheters out there on the web I would never have had the courage to do this alone.  

These are the colours of yarn I am using:

                       06 Shocking Pink                          13 Orange                               24 Dark Grey

                             35 Vanilla                              23 Light Grey                          33 Medium Pink

I am making granny squares, all different colours and sizes.   I sat down with crayons and graph paper and put the plan together.  So far I have managed to crochet one square.  It is a 6 round vanilla and I'm loving it.  This yarn is lovely to use and the fact you use a 5mm hook means it works up so quickly.  

Will be back soon to show you my progress.


alexa said...

This is a lovely subtle colourway, and your photo with the colour strips would make such a great scrapbook layout! may I scrap lift? You seem to have started with plenty of energy!

Lisa-Jane said...

Beautiful colours! Looking forward to seeing how it turns out.

BlackberryCrumble said...

Great colours - is it style craft?

LiteraryLadybug said...

Love your color choices here!