About Us

Hello and welcome.

I'm Candace and lucky old me turned 40 in March. Yep, that big 4 0. It seemed so far away yet has just crept up so quickly. 

I also lost my job in January.

These facts forced me to reassess our lives and I made big life changing decisions.

#1 - I am going self employed. No more people in charge of me.  I'm taking control.

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#2 - We've moved house. Moving from the Midlands to Wales, to live by the Sea.

And the other two? My Son (Boy By The Sea) and Daughter (Girl By The Sea).

I have been a blogger for just over 3 years now but my first blog had developed so much since I started and the title covered such a small part of what I wrote about.  

A new chapter in our lives deserved a new blog and 'Us Three By The Sea' was born

This is a record of our journey after we ran away to live by the sea.

March 2013


sara j said...

Way to go!!! Best of luck to the three by the sea!! What an adventure.


What an AWESOME person you are Candace and I love your photo!!
Annette In Oz

Vicki said...

What a fantastic family photo!! Love it!

Chrissy Brand said...

Fabulous move and lovely to blog about it-good luck, you all look very happy!

Caz said...

Just over from PoCoLo and I'm very impressed. That you made the move (to the sea! My dream...) and made the decision to work for yourself, and I love those blankets.

JallieDaddy said...

we made the same move last year! I Love Wales now: it's a great place to raise young children :)