Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Crochet, Crochet. Where For Art Thou Crochet?

It has been a real long time since I was able to sit down and crochet.  Making 1/2 a round on a granny square in not crocheting to me.  There have been too many times the past few months when all I have managed in a week is half a round.  This week I was determined to make time to crochet.  I didn't really have time to spare but I was going to make time and as a result a few work things were thrown to one side for a couple of days.  but I am ok with this.  I was in need of some me time.  The 7 weeks of the school summer holidays have been long.  Very long.  With trying to juggle, work, house and kids it has been stressful and I was in need of something nice to do just for me.

I started off by having a look on my Ravelry page and you know what?  Even though there is a long list of half completed projects there, I went with a WIP that has not even made it to Ravelry!  Let it be known there are quite a few that aren't even there and my list looks awful with all these projects partially made.

I buckled down and completed 14 squares to add to the 4 I had already made for this blanket.  There are a total of 36 squares to be made and I have now done 18.  Half of them made!  I have done mostly the larger squares which means I have made over half the blanket now.  I am continuing to make at least 3 a day until the blanket is finished and hope to have it completed by the middle of next week to then start sewing together.  

I think I am being a little too optimistic to say I will have the blanket finished by the end of the month but I am going to try my best.  Once the planned squares are sewn together I think I may need an extra row of small squares to extend the size in order for it to cover a single bed.  I may also need to purchase some more yarn depending upon how big a boarder is needed.  Extra squares will certainly mean more yarn which will delay the completing of the blanket.

What is clear by these photos is that I need to block the squares before I start sewing them together.

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Winnie said...

Glad you found a minute for "you"! Loving the color combo for your blanket. :)

Babajeza said...

You can do it! :-) Happy crocheting!

Evelyn Hender said...

Looks like you'll have a lovely colourful blanket when you're finished :)

Jaime Oliver said...

I would so love to be able to do this!!

Thanks for linking up with #PoCoLo x

Sharon Smyth said...

Popped over from #PoCoLo and just wanted to say that I hope you do get it finished by the end of the month. Congratulations to you for finding the time for you and making such a lush blanket!