Thursday, September 26, 2013

50 by 50 - Afternoon Tea

Regular visitors may have noticed an additional tab at the top of my blog; 50 by 50.  I have finally got round to doing a bucket list.  I had fully intended on doing a 40 by 40 when I was 39 but with one thing and another I just didn't get round to it.  Well the list is completed and I thought it was about time I got on with some of the experiences.  First up, afternoon tea.

While we were in Bath we went on a guided tour and went to the Roman Baths.  In one of the rooms is the most gorgeous tea rooms which serves afternoon tea.  by the time we got to the Baths the afternoon tea was well under way and we had the tour to continue with.  By the time we finished the tour the heavens had opened and we were all tired and went back to the hotel.  

The next day we went to see the toy supplier we had come to see then on to Stonehenge.  We were coming back through Bath on the way home and just could not resist going back for afternoon tea.  The rooms looks out on to the Roman Baths.

Afternoon tea was amazing.  We were certainly not disappointed.

The tea room is in the most stunning room with some amazing features.

Really fabulous afternoon and that is one item ticked off the 50 by 50 list.  Bring on the remaining 49!


Lou's Lake Views said...

What a great idea, I should do 40 by 40 but with only 6 days to go I might be pushing it a bit! You day looks lovely and that really is a beautiful building. A #Magicmoment indeed!

Jaime Oliver said...

what a fantastic thing to have on your bucket list. I have drafted a bucktlist but keep adding to it! lol

thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments

Jackie xxx said...

looks like a great place, will have to add it onto my list.