Wednesday, October 9, 2013

What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday (9 October 2013)

Nothing, zilch, nada, diddly squat, nought.

A big void of nothingness.

Not a snippet of crafting in sight.

So instead I am going to take this opportunity to share something close to my heart with you...

It's World Arthritis Day on Saturday and there is a little lady here who suffers from JIA, so heart breaking seeing her in pain.  

Help spread the word about Arthritis in younger people especially children on World Arthritis Day.

As a sufferer of Rheumatoid Arthritis, I understand the pain and frustration encountered on a daily basis with this incurable illness.  A lot of people just think arthritis is wear & tear due to old age but Rheumatoid Arthritis is not, nobody did anything wrong to get it.  You just got dealt a different challenge in life.

You can read more here, here, here and here.

Please share this to help raise awareness.

Now I've finished running around with a couple of hospital appointments for The Girl, one of which included a train ride 3 hours each way to see the consultant for 20 minutes, crafting will resume in this little house by the sea and next week I can show my workdesk to you all.

Please excuse these words coming out of my stressed body, mind and soul and thank you so much for reading and if you could share this it would be very much appreciated.

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Eliza said...

Good for you, I am a child grown with this same illness and it was hard to explain why I was in so much pain. Hey I am a big girl now that plays with crafty things to make up for the nastiness that goes on within. Have a great day.

Eliza & Yoda 3

Danie May said...

I myself am a spondylitis sufferer so I know how incredible this pain can be so I can feel for any child going through something similar. Such a wonderful cause to raise awareness of. Have a wonderful week! Danie #16

Dainty Diva said...

Sorry for your continued pain. My mother lived for a long time with RA. But she would do what she could on her good days. #28

Nan G said...

A worthy cause to support. I feel for any child living with RA. Happy WOYWW! Nan G #14

Julie Ann Lee said...

Suffering like this is terrible. Thank you so much for raising awareness. RA in children is something I was vaguely aware of, but I shall certainly research this good cause now, thanks to you, Candace. Hope you'll be back crafting soon! Julie Ann xx #38

Claire said...

A great thing to raise more awareness of! Like arthritis, strokes are not an old person's affliction either!
An inspiring post :)
Happy WOYWW and have a fun week!
no. 22

Anonymous said...

"Invisible" pains in children are terrible. People think that because it's not visible on the outside, there's nothing wrong and the kid is just lazy/acting/making a drama out of some muscle ache. It it is visible, then people are much more sympathetic when they see the child struggle or be in pain.
I'm thankful I don't suffer from this, and I hope the thought that a kid is lazy or dramatizing something (while the kid really has something) never comes in my head.
I hope it gets better for your little girl, and that she will be able to do what she wants without pain.(or side effects from medication).

Debbie (Daqa) #53

Elizabeth said...

Hi Candace, I was diagnosed with arthritis in my early 30s so I do know that it's a condition that can strike at any age and for no discernible reason. And, of course, I do know and understand about the pain it causes. It's no fun at any age but for a child it's even less so. Just when you should be running around having fun too. I hope your little girl gets treatment that will alleviate the pain and allow her to be as active as she wants to be. Needless to say, I already support Arthritis Research UK. I hope you have a good week and happy WOYWW. Elizabeth x #41

Ria Gall said...

Hi Candace
I am right behind you on raising awareness for this. I live with arthritis and fibromyalgia both hidden illness and as an adult it is hard work so you can only imagine what it is like for the children that live and suffer like this.
Keep up the hard work we are all with you
Happy WOYWW and wishing you a great week
Ria #50

~Rasz~ said...

Awesome post!!! As a woman with arthritis in several forms it is very hard to explain that you hurt when you look fine. For a child it must be devastating. Thank you for the great info!!! Wishing you a wonderful WOYWW week and big soft hugs! Rasz #108

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Goodness, I feel for you and your girl...that's a wicked illness to have to cope with. Thank you for raising awareness of it and I hope your daughter's treatment helps....
Hugs, LLJ 44 xx

April Story said...

That is so sad that children are affected by such a painful condition. April #21

505whimsygirl said...

Hi Candace,

As an adult who has fibromylgia AND SLE Lupus, I can't imagine how little ones deal with it. Sometimes it brings me to my knees and I have the life skills and coping mechanisms that children do not.

Thank you for bringing this to the forefront of our minds. It definitely gives us all something to think about and also focus on the blessings we have.

Peace, Kay (19)

The Taming of the Glue said...

It really is a terrible condition, well done for highlighting it. Hugs. Pam#37