Monday, October 21, 2013

Meal Planning Monday (21 October 2013)

Well last week went to pot when I was ill and didn't end up going away.  I really didn't have the energy but so needed to go and sort somethings out.  Looks like I will be making a trip sometime next month now.

This week we will be having:

Monday - Left over Sunday lunch

Tuesday - Turkey Curry 

Wednesday - Liver & onions (batch cooked some a few weeks back)

Thursday - Tacos 

Friday - Sausage casserole

Saturday - Cottage pie (will be making extra to freeze some for future weeks)

Sunday - Some sort of Roast - will see what the butcher has towards the end of the week followed by Chocolate self saucing pudding made in the slow cooker.  I double up the quantities and then eat 1/4 and then freeze the rest in 3 batches.

Pop on over to Mrs M's blog to see other meal plans.


Kim Carberry said...

Hope you're feeling better now!!
That Slow Cooker Chocolate Self Saucing Pudding looks delicious!!
Fab meal plan x

The Prettygoodlife said...

I love the way you shop, and I agree - it is so much more rewarding to go to a good butcher and see what looks good. Batch freezing also rocks!