Monday, October 14, 2013

Meal Planning Monday (14 October 2013)

It's a bit of a funny week here at the House By The Sea as I need to go back to The Midlands for a few days to organise of something relating to my house there and my Dad will be here looking after the shop and the kids for me.  I therefore, need to leave little cooking dishes for him to do as he is no Jamie Oliver in the kitchen!

This week we will be having:

Monday - Fridge left over Pasta

Tuesday - Turkey Curry (so much cheaper to buy that chicken breasts)

Wednesday - Chicken burgers

Thursday - Tacos (I'll cook the meat and my Dad will just reheat and heat the tacos)

Friday - Sausage & chips

Saturday -Lamb burgers (supper tasty ones from our butcher, can't recommend enough)

Sunday - Homemade Pizza, bases and tomato bases in freezer just top with fridge pickings

Well this is the plan whether my Father sticks to it the end of the week I don't know, possibility of takeaways is high!  For me, takeaway Thursday, will have no motivation after travelling, out Friday with Friends, probably out Saturday with my Brother and then Sunday will be a snack of some sort on toast.

What are you cooking this week?

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