Friday, October 4, 2013

Heads Of The Valley Road Part 1 (Summer 2013)

At the beginning of August I went down to Newport to visit my Brother and Nephew.  On the way back we came a different route over the mountains   We made a couple of stops but the battery went on my camera.  On a nice sunny day early last month we went back and this time when completely round Severn Trent Water's reservoir.

The journey to the reservoir (point 1):

First stop at a picnic area along side the reservoir (point 2):

Point 3:

Point 4:

It was a cloudy day and quite warm still with little wind.  We spent about 1/2 an hour at each of the stops so far on a journey and the kids and I both loved the scenery.  Lots of photos were taken at each point (far too many to put on here).  But there is more stops to come.  

As this is quite a photo heavy post with all the stops we made, I have split our adventure in to 3 posts where I will share the others on the next 2 Fridays.

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Jaime Oliver said...

What a fab trip and your pictures look fantastic x

cakesphotoslife said...

Stunning trip :) x

Coombe Mill said...

How beautiful, it's such a picturesque place. The photos are lovely and I like the ones with you and the children! I look forward to the next two installments. Thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.