Wednesday, April 24, 2013

There Is The Dream and Then There Is The Reality

We all have a dream about what our life should be...

Happy, contented and settled. 

Enjoying the big and especially the little things.  

Being happy in the company of those around us.  

Thankful for what we have and craving nothing else. 


Truly blessed.

My Dream looks something like this:

Download Your Pie Chart

Time spent, crafting and drinking tea with a little bit of day dreaming thrown in.  Its always good to day dream.  Its healthy for the mind.  

However, for most of us the reality is very different.  My reality looks something like this:

Download Your Pie Chart

A lot, lot, different.  Suddenly work and housework have appeared and I don't craft or drink tea.  Sleep has disappeared too.  I'm day dreaming more but that because its good for the mind and as you can see other things are dragging my mind down.  Yes, I know we now have an extra category in the reality chart but lets face it, in my dream there would be no annoying kids; no shouting, no squabbles, no fighting, no doors slamming, no screaming, no arguing, no back chat, no hurtful words.  There would be kids of course, I'm not that evil to get shot of them but they would be so angelic that you wouldn't know they were even there.  All I would see and hear is their quiet chatter and little giggles and I would feel their love for each other glowing all around. Oh how blissful.

The reality for me is I am thankful and truly blessed for what I have, but I do still crave that little bit more happiness and tranquility.  To be settled and contented.  To have peace with who I am.  I have a feeling our new life in Wales may very well bring that.

Would love to know how your dream and reality lives match up.  As for me I'm off to day dream, craft and drink tea.  Work and cleaning can wait for another day as I'm too busy chasing that dream.

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Jessica @ Sunny Stitching said...

Pie Charts!

LCSmithSAVED said...

Have wanted to use pie charts as it is very on trend in scrapping and this will take it totally over the top - thanks for the inspiration :~)

Lisa-Jane said...

Mine shouldn't BE too far apart but they FEEL far apart! Too much time picking up other people's stuff and trying to get children to do things or not do things. *sigh Rather be crafting for sure! ;-)

Luci McQuitty Hindmarsh - said...

Love the pie-chart. The sleep segment on mine would look similar!!

David / Oddly Active said...

My pie chart would be a pie. Not sure whether sweet or savoury - would depend on mood - but I've been low carbing for what seems like FOREVER and pastry of any variety is a definite no-no.

Quiet, angelic kids: there are ways of achieving this, but most of them are frowned upon by the NSPCC and/or the BMC, I'm afraid. Personally, I think all the problems began when they took the gin out of gripe water...

Sarah Miles said...

Oh, I LOVE this post. Life in a pie chart...mine would be very comparable to yours...

..alas reality bites.

Thank you for linking up with The Monday Club x