Thursday, April 25, 2013

My Crochet Colour Palette

The colours I use for crochet all seem to follow a similar theme; bright.

Time and time again my choices are so predictable.

I have been very much influenced by Lucy and Heather in my colour choices.  Bright, bold and in your face colours.  But I think I lent to the bright side anyway.

One of the less bright items was this blanket I made for my nephew when he was born.  The only reason it looks less bright is because of the cream but the bright colours are still there.

I love pastel and a more muted colour scheme but never seem to purchase these colours.  I just love these muted schemes here from Deb:

Also love these colours from Megan: 


And these from Pigtails:

Colour combo

And my next project...well apart from the one looking like this for my Daughter:


...will look something like this:

Me - Colour combo: Mustard, Pink, Cream & splash of Chocolate

I promise it will.  

And yes, I know there is a bright pink but I can't eradicate the bright element completely. It just wouldn't be me.

This post is part of Day 4 of Knitting And Crochet Blog week.

Thanks to the people who photos I've used and please clink on the links to take a look at their fabulously inspiring work.


Stel said...

I love your colours, it's bright but not shrill.
Would love to have easier access to some of the beautiful yarns one sees on the UK blogs (or at least get it cheaper than what we have to pay for imports), but at least we have the Vinnis cotton/bamboo rangesin Pigtails's photo - beautiful yarn, beautiful colours.

Razzled Scrapper said...

Beautiful Blankets.

Deb Hickman said...

Your ripple blanket is gorgeous, beautiful colour palette.. Even though most of my yarn is pastel, I do have a basket of brighter, deeper shades and love them too. X

Pigtails said...

You have a gift for identifying and putting colours together, that ripple is amazing! Cheers!