Friday, April 19, 2013

Knitting & Crochet Blog Week 2013

Monday sees the start of the 4th Annual Knitting & Crochet Blog week over at Eskimimi Makes.  It runs from Monday 22nd to Sunday 28th April this year.  In previous years I have read and read my way around a number of blogs but have never taken part.  As, on the surface of things, I seem to have less commitments now I am am going to try and actively take part and blog some posts about my crochet.  

Those of you that are new to this blog and never read my old blog need to realise that I am a self taught crocheter and knitter.  When I was abut 7/8 my Nan tried to teach me to knit.  She was excellent in all things knitting.  I however, am not and will never be!  I am not a natural knitter and as I did not pick up 'purl' stitch at all she shouted at me.  My Nan died when I was 16 and this is the one and only time she ever shouted at me.  She really lost her temper and was disappointed that her only Granddaughter couldn't knit.  

She 'threw' some crochet books and hooks at me and told me to get on with that.  I taught myself to crochet but I don't hold the yarn like a crocheter, I wrap it wrong the hook like a knitter.  I taught myself how to do it by reading instructions.  No pictures, no you-tube like there is today and this is what I thought 'yarn over' was.  Looks strange to watch me do but the finished stitch is a crochet stitch.  I have tried in recent years to follow you-tube video and hold the yarn like you are supposed to do but I just can't.  It isn't the natural way to do it.  I've just crocheted wrong for too many years that I can't do it the correct way now.

Since joined a knitting group that meet every fortnight 2 years ago and I was persuaded to try knitting again late last year by the other very supportive knitters.  With their help and you-tube I finally mastered the dreaded 'purl'.  I started on a cardigan last year for my Daughter and have made some progress on it but then I have gone and made a mistake and last 2" needs to be frogged. I'm a little nervous about doing this as knowing me I will not pick up all the stitch's and there are nearly 250 of the little blitters.  Slowly when I have a few 5 minutes with no kids in the house I am actually unpicking it stitch by stitch.  Its going to take a while but I'll get there in the end.  I am also very grateful that I cast on 2 sizes bigger than what my Daughter needed.  It could take me that long to complete at this rate!

If you knit or crochet or are just plain interested in starting pop on back next week to see some posts from me all about one of my favourite past times.  If you want to take a look at others taking part google the codes below on the days listed.  Its all explained better here!

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