Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Project Life Tuesday

I feel I'm on a roll now I have started this years project.  I managed to complete week two's LO this week.  I really need to start doing at least 2 weeks if I am ever to catch up as I am 3 months behind but as I said last time it doesn't really concern me as long as I am living life, taking the photos and trying to keep some notes about what we have done.  Here is 7th to 13th January:

Very clearly I managed to spill some water on one of the photos for page 2 so need to reprint it but it was such a waste to print just one photo now so will come back to fit it in at a later date.  Last year I inserted 6 x 4 and 3x 4 photos only.  So far I have used only small photos.  Quite like that the 2 weeks so far have far more journalling on but not sure if I don't want to include some larger photos at some point.  Will have to see as the weeks go on.

I am linking up with the Mom Creative where you can see many more PL LO's all of which are far more creative than mine.  Have a good week.


Unknown said...

Great pages, I love how you used little photos so you can see some of the pretty patterns of the kit. Don't feel bad about being behind, each memory you save is one less that is lost :)

Craftcherry said...

I haven't seen anyone use all little pictures before. I really like how it looks. Focuses your attention on the journaling.
Don't worry about being behind! Just do what you can, you'll catch up sooner or later!