Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Day 2 Knitting & Crochet Blog Week 2013 (4KCBWDAY2)

It didn't take me long yesterday to decide what type of crocheter I am.  I'm most definitely a bee...flitting from one project to the next when something bright and shiny captures my heart.  I really do think I change projects so often because I am a very impatient person by nature too.  I hate waiting around, I like things to happen now.  I take on more than I could ever do and then get disappointed as nothing has been finished.

To be honest a lot of my life is like that.  I look back on a lot of choices I have made and after time I get bored with the progress made and move on as something else has grabbed my heart.  Its something that this year I am going to try and work on.  I really must see things through to completion before my heart is dragged somewhere else but as the list of things in my life that need completing is very long and really deserves a post all of its own we'll more on.

In my crafting I like instant progress.  I hate working for hours, days, weeks, months even years in the case of some of my projects and seeing very little progress.  I just get bored with things then move on.  I see something else that has caught my eye.  If you want proof, take a look at my Ravelry project list.  Just look at all the WIPs and they are by no means all listed there.  I'm too ashamed to put everything on the list.

What I need is a project that is quick to see results.  I love this by Karen at  'Colour In A Simple Life':

Just look at the basket of yarn in the background!  Some of my yarn stash is kept in an old fashioned shopping basket in the lounge on display for all to see and I just love it.  Sadly so do my cats and they are constantly being turfed out.  Just too cosy for them to resist I think, I know I'd curl up in it for a snooze if I could fit in there!

If the truth be known there are a lot of Karen's projects I like, I'll tell you about another one I really love later in the week.  Her designs are 'different' to the typical granny squares that others, myself included are making.  I love her designs, her style and reading her blog.

This project is ideal for me.  Its made with DK, yarn that should be used with a 4mm hook but here you don't use a 4mm you use a 10mm.  Big hook means bigger stitches which means more progress quicker.   

Stitches will be more than double the size... 

Double the progress...

Half the time...  

My sort of project.

Photos taken from Karen's blog at Colour In A Simple Life, a lady who writes a wonderful blog and makes and designs some truly stunning crochet.


Liz H said...

Gorgeous colours. I'm all for projects with a quick return for your work.

Thanks for your comment yesterday.

Pigtails said...

I like it and also recently started hooking with much bigger hooks for quicker more interesting results!

Becky said...

I love the gradual color change of the afghan. Oh, I want to try that now for sure.

Unknown said...

I loved that project from the first time I saw it, it's wonderful isn't it :-)