Saturday, April 27, 2013

Nine Weeks In...

We have been in Wales now for 9 weeks.  It seems much much longer than that solely down to the fact that we are loving it here.  The pace of day to day life is so laid back here.  

So very relaxing.

I love lying in bed at night and falling asleep listening to the sea.  Words can't describe how this aids sleep.  

The fresh sea air helps too.

I really do love living by the sea.  I have been busy setting our new business up; got business premises, started to set the website up and hopefully found a shop.  So exciting.  Nothing as been signed officially yet with the shop as we are waiting for the owner to complete some legal work before we can do that and their Solicitor seems to be dragging things on.  Just hope we can get the keys by the beginning of July so we can be up and running for the Summer.  The website is nearly ready to launch, we are just waiting for the paperwork to go through we the people we will take payments with.  If I don't hear anything this week from them I may sign up with Paypal as a temporary measure.  Personally I'm not a big fan of Paypal but we need to get the website launched and its silly to keep hanging on.  

Please excuse the blatant advertising but you can find us here.  If you'd like to follow us on Facebook or Twitter I would be very grateful.  There is not much showing at the moment on the website but trust me there are lots of goodies 'hidden' behind the scenes.  With one press of a button they will all appear and the items you can see will be available too.

Also working on setting up my other business but believe me when I say its not very exciting; what I did before we came to Wales but this time from the other side of the desk and I'm certain you don't want me to start talking tax with you all.  When its all set up I will be putting a link in the side bar as I will need lots of clients (hint hint, nudge, nudge as they say).  Anyway, enough about that, just writing about it is making me yawn!

Both Children have settled in to school and life here really well.  They are never in the cottage, always off playing and exploring with the friends they have made.  They seem to be taking to speaking Welsh quite well.  Here we are part of a Council that goes up in to North Wales so they are very big on their Welsh in school.  One week everything is taught in English, the next week everything is taught in Welsh.  This is so different to my Nephew who only has a 1/2 welsh lesson each week down in South Wales.  The Boy is spending this term at a local town in the Welsh Unit where they are taught Welsh fast track style.  There are 2 teachers and only 6 pupils.  wish all classes were this size.  The Girl doesn't go until September.

We are off back to the Midlands for the Bank Holiday weekend so I can see how little {much} progress my Father has done is getting my house ready for sale.  On Saturday I'm off the Bromsgrove crop for a day of scrapping.  Really looking forward to that.  Think my next mission is to set up a crop round here.


Lisa-Jane said...

Sounds like it is all coming together! My friend is near Aberystwyth not far from where we stay) and they teach in Welsh all the time. They don't get taught to read in English till KS2 (but they all can obviously).

Rossella said...

How wonderful and exciting for you, do keep us updated,
Rosie x