Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A Blanket For The Boy

As I am now happily plodding along with The Girl's blanket I thought it was about time I started to plan a blanket for The boy.  Yes, I know I have an absolute ton of blankets already started but none of them are boy colour, hence not suitable for The Boy.  He keeps going on and on about the fact he needs a blanket too and how unfair that The Girl gets lots of blankets and he gets none.  To be honest, he is right in what he say but that is only because I never seem to find a suitable colour palette for a near teenage boy.

Way back earlier this year I blogged about a lovely colour scheme I had seen here.  Pigtails gives a beautiful explanation of her colour choices here.  Well I have been reading this blog for such a long time and I was really happy when I saw the finished project Pigtails had made with this yarn.  Isn't it gorgeous.  The colour palette is so different from what I usually choose and so right for The Boy.  

My first job was to stare and stare at this lovely colour palette:

Colour combo

After staring and staring and then some staring more I went away and thought about it for a few days.  Then I came back and stared some more!  After about a week I decided that I would make the same pattern as The Girl's blanket.  This would require 6 colours yet my inspiration contained 9.  I have been loving using the Drop Paris Cotton for the Girl's blanket and would love to use it again.  This blanket has come together so quickly as it is made using a 5mm hook and each treble stitch is slightly over an inch long.

I jumped over to The Wool Warehouse website where I had purchased The Girl's yarn from and went about picking my 6 soft and subtle colours.  These are the 6 colours I settled with:

                                      Top Left                                     Top Right

                                        Middle                                    Bottom Left

                                   Bottom Middle                             Bottom Right         

Here are my choices of Drop Paris yarn:

                             Off White (17)                                   Light Turquoise (02)                

                              Opal Green (11)                                        Petrol (48)

                             Light Grey (23)                                    Light Ice Blue (29)

It's been fun using someone colour palette as inspiration instead of straight copying.  Its was I did with The Girl's blanket too.  Think it is about time I made some simple decisions for myself and I'm going to take confidence in that I have chosen yarn twice now, all by myself.

Do you choose your own colours or do you have favourite crafters you you take huge influence from?

All I have to do now is save the pennies up to purchase the yarn, then away I crochet.


alexa said...

These muted soft colours are delicious together ... It is going to be beautiful!

Pigtails said...

Helloooo thank you so much for referring to my blogposting! I am absolutely in love with the colours you came up with in a different yarn and cannot wait to see the result of the blanket. It is going to be absolutely gorgeous. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

fabulous, you'll have to show us the finished piece!

Pigtails said...

This,is goring to be gorgeous, I feel it in my bones! Wow I cannot wait to see the result, your yarn looks super nice. Thanks for refering to me too, I love the community crafts create. Xxxx