Saturday, June 22, 2013

We Went All Potty In The Garden

Summer was sort of here a few weeks ago.  The sun shone down and fun was to be had outside.  In the Midlands we had a large garden, a veg patch at the top, chicken run and large grassed area.  There were two large patios as well.  A lovely space but a large commitment too.  With full time work and disabilities it was very hard to keep on top of.

When we moved in February to our holiday home we went to the other extreme.  A tiny lawn and a bit of crazy paving that the grass had over grown.  Lovely area to keep on top of but nowhere for veggies, the pretties or the chooks.  When the Midlands house sells and we buy something here I want a garden in between the two.  In the meantime it's pots and tubs for us.

I used some pots I already had and purchased some compost.  Filled the three pots and then filled a little planting tray.  Now it was over to The Girl.  

She leveled the soil.

Poked a hole in each compartment

Planted a seed in each

Covered over the hole and watered.

We enjoyed the rest of the day in the sun, had a water fight and then rounded off the day with a BBQ.

Two weeks later we have been watering everyday, on more than one occasion the the rain has helped us.  To date we have yet to see the seeds grow but it's early days.

The pots we planted are looking like this: 

With nature doing what it does best:

Great afternoon was had and now we wait for some more sun so we can enjoy looking at the fruits of our labour.

This post is an entry for BritMums’ #KidsGrowWild Challenge sponsored by further details can be found here

As part of this challenge we received a children's gardening set: mini spade, trowel  watering can, children's gardening gloves and a bag to store them all in plus 3 packets of flower seeds.    
All views are mine and all other items including the pots, trays, compost and flowers were purchased by myself.


alexa said...

Someone clearly as green fingers! A lovely post and hope the house sells soon ...

kateonthinice said...

Some fabulous words and pictures. Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part